Gain trust in your data with Data Observability

Maura Mahoney

Laurens de Prieelle

The Five Pillars of Data Observability


Did the data arrive timely and is up to date? 


Are there sudden changes in the number of row? 


Are all data quality criteria met, e.g. accuracy, validity?


Where does the data come from and where is it used?


Are there any new, removed, or changed fields?

How to start and deliver your Data Observability journey

1. Identify your pain points

  • Recognise relevant stakeholders
  • Assess the impact of poor data quality
  • Capture your gaps and potential root causes

2. Create a strategy

  • Set your vision and success metrics
  • Develop a strategy to address root causes
  • Share a roadmap to realise benefits

3. Define an operating model

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Define issue detection and resolution processes
  • Define training requirements

4. Select technical solution(s)

  • Set criteria for observability solutions
  • Identify matching vendors
  • Down-select vendors & award deal

5. Implement and improve

  • Implement the operating model
  • Apply technology solutions
  • Achieve benefits for all stakeholders

The next steps

Modasta partners with high-potential, customer-led organisations to help them to achieve their strategic business objectives with data. If you have any questions about how we could help your company with Data Observability, contact us directly!


Maura Mahoney

Maura is a data consultant with experience in business analytics, data governance, and data observability. She helps client stakeholders with the journey from requirements-gathering to product delivery, helping achieve the clients goals through data transformation. Maura also works with the commercial team, focusing on sales excellence and relationship-building.

Laurens de Prieelle

Laurens is an expert in building data solutions that can be trusted. With over 10 years of experience, he built safety and business-critical data products and led large-scale data science and engineering teams. He’s your go-to specialist for everything Data Observability & Quality and can help your organisation successfully deliver the benefits of Data Observability.