Benevity: Supporting in the migration to Looker​


Benevity partnered with Modasta to streamline their reporting processes by transitioning from a legacy reporting tool to Looker. This streamlining process aimed to establish a centralised data source for enhanced accuracy and accessibility across their organisation. The Benevity team recognised the need for additional development resources to facilitate this migration and technology (Looker) expertise. Benevity sought Modasta’s expertise in optimising their reporting systems, providing data modelling support, and ensuring adherence to industry best practices. 

The client

Tech stack


The Highlights

Modasta migrated reports from legacy technology into Looker.

Robust data models were implemented to promote reliability and scalability with the data.

To enable self-service analytics and data exploration, the Benevity team were upskilled to ensure they were maximising their Looker experience.

The approach

Modasta led in driving independent development initiatives, developing a rapid migration process for Benevity’s custom corporate granting reports. End-users were top of mind, and Modasta prioritising meeting end-users’ expectations, ensuring a seamlessly integrated solution.

Modasta led collaborative co-development sessions where we provided guidance on best practice standards and discussed collectively the implementation of features that would, not only satisfy, but enhance Benevity’s unique use cases. Modasta was able to help Benevity optimise their data model and make their data easily explorable for end users in Looker. Additionally, the Looker Technical Bootcamps were instrumental in empowering teams for continuous advancement and proficiency.

Tailored specifically to Benevity’s needs, Modasta Technical leads ran Business User Workshops, which equipped internal teams with the tools and knowledge needed for self-serve analytics, democratizing data access throughout the organisation. This not only facilitated informed decision-making but also created a culture of collaboration and among teams.

The outcome

Modasta transitioned six vital reports and provided expertise support, from helping with the initial data modelling to the final creation of dynamic dashboards build for end-users within the Looker platform.

Our bespoke approach extended beyond migration, as we crafted a versatile data model finely tuned to Benevity’s unique requirements. This model not only prioritised the delivery of actionable insights but also emphasised reusability across their dbt and Looker environments, laying the foundation for scalability and operational efficiency.

Through targeted training initiatives, we expedited the proficiency of both Business Users and Looker developers, empowering them with the expertise needed to autonomously craft additional use cases, ensuring sustained development and self-sufficiency within Benevity’s data ecosystem.


From the onset of our engagement, Modasta was instrumental in helping us achieve our data strategy objectives. Their professional, client-focused approach enabled us to meet our organizational commitments despite our constantly evolving business needs. With their adaptability and innovation in addressing complex requirements, Modasta significantly accelerated our reporting product development, cutting anticipated weeks of work down to just a few days.

Tim Yapkianwee, Analytics Product Manager​ at Benevity

The next steps

Modasta continues to support with tool implementation and enablement projects, where many companies such as Benevity are discovering new ways to unlock value in their data. 

If you are considering migrating to Looker or dbt or have any questions about us then please visit our website or contact us directly!