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Modasta partners with you to build scalable data and AI platforms so that data is at the heart of your business decisions

We deliver data change by combining emergent tools with proven practices to build best-in-class data platforms. We build foundations that support your current business needs, whilst designing for scale, to support as your businesses grows and needs develop.

The Modasta team works in partnership with you, by landing small multi-disciplinary teams that deliver value in weeks, not months. We enable the teams we work with to become self-sufficient, building in house capability to help you to achieve an enduring data culture.

Who we work with

Digital Natives | SMBs | Private Equity

We initially engaged Modasta to lay the groundwork for our analytics function. Modasta demonstrated a clear understanding of our data and anticipated the challenges we might face… Within just two months, ME+EM gained access to insights that were out of reach before the partnership. Since then, it’s been difficult to overlook the expertise and problem-solving prowess of Modasta’s consultants when evaluating our tech stack.
Modasta have been instrumental in enabling best practice, security and access in our complex setup…The outcomes were immediately applicable, and minimised manual effort and bottlenecks in our processes, and the team worked to ensure we had all the knowledge and documentation required going forwards.
Modasta has been a steadfast partner on our journey to extract the most value from our data , unlocking improved operational efficiency and decision-making internally, as well as being instrumental in building our airline-facing analytics suite, which supercharged our partners’ digital sales capabilities. We highly recommend Modasta to any business.
FSB had a great experience working with Modasta. They understood our business needs from the very first session and helped guide us through the POC at every stage. Modasta’s attention to detail, level of expertise, professionalism, communication and thoughtfulness throughout the project left a lasting impression and we look forward to working with the team in the future.

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